It all starts with a vision.

Enception Rentals

Wedding & Fashion rentals right to your doorstep.

Have an idea for a shoot? Want to stylize your clients to maximize your profits and create a unique experience? Enception Rentals has what you need.

Membership has its benefits.

Join Enception Pro and get 10 dress rentals per year and first access to new dresses before everyone else.

Enception Rentals

By photographers, for photographers.

Enception has one purpose, allow photographers to get their hands on haute couture gowns, that may otherwise be financially out of reach. You can now offer stunning selections to your clients or models to wear during their shoots. Imagine how much more exciting your senior or engagement shoots would be if they were in one-of-a-kind dresses. How unique would their images be? And how would that help you during the sales session in allowing your images to stand out from those of your competitors?

As an Enception renter, you gain access to unique fashions, custom gowns, and exclusive styles that will help take your photography to the next level. We know what’s hot, and we are constantly adding new gowns to our collection ensuring there’s always something you gotta have!

You can rent each piece individually, or become an Enception Pro member and get 10 – 5 day rentals each year, as well as first access to new products before anyone else.

Enception Rentals, dresses and unique fashion pieces delivered right to your door.


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